you've decided which design you want, yay!! but before ordering your pretty wallpaper, you need to get the correct measurements of your wall!

 it's simple and easy!! grab a pen and paper if you'd like!!

 begin by measuring the height of your wall in inches, divide by 12 and then round up. this will be your size! each of our wallpaper panels are roughly 24-28 inches wide. example-- say your wall is 93 inches tall, you would select the 8 FEET option.

 next, measure the width of your wall in inches, divide by 26 (width of each panel) and ROUND UP! this will be your QUANTITY!

if you have a door or window in the middle of your wall, just ignore them and measure as if they aren't there! this helps to make sure you have a pretty seamless wall!

we HIGHLY recommend NOT doing multiple repeating walls in one room. due to corners, the pattern is VERY difficult to match up!

when checking out, PLEASE be sure to enter your walls EXACT measurements in INCHES (WIDTH X HEIGHT) in the notes section. 

if you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to shoot us an email!